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Business Story Telling

Workshop title: Business story telling 


1-2-day workshop: 2 performance facilitators 


Who is it for: Any one that must present and engage an audience, managers and leaders that have to motivate staff to buy in to a common goal/vision. Sales people 


Number of participants: Max 15 (can be increased with extra resource) 


Pre-work: To bring along a business story they want to work on 


Course overview: The Business storytelling workshop will help learners create a compelling message that is clear to the audience and helps them to take action on ideas. They will learn the DTS storyboarding structure that you can repeatedly use to be an outstanding, persuasive communicator. After the workshop, you will find that you can communicate more naturally and be more interesting to your audience. 


This workshop builds on presentation training, dealing with skills of persuasion and advocacy when delivering ideas or services. It focuses on the bigger picture and helps to engage the audience emotionally. 


Learning outcomes: 


  • You will discover your own innate storytelling ability 

  • Understand the benefits of story telling storytelling 

  • Be able to bring facts and figures to life 

  • Be able to use storytelling techniques to create compelling examples 

  • Be able to use a story structure to make presentations dynamic 

  • Know how to create buy-in using storytelling elements 

  • Have the opportunity to practice practice practice 

  • How to weaving your story into a business presentation 


Post workshop to embed learning: All participants will take part in an e coaching program for 6 weeks after the workshop. This will consist of on the job exercises and suggested self-directed learning to ensure maximum retention of learning

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