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Presentation of the female boss

Presenting With Impact

Workshop title: Presenting With Impact 


1-2-day workshop: 2 Performance Facilitators 


Who is it for: Anyone that must present and engage an audience, managers and leaders that have to motivate staff to buy in to a common goal/vision. Sales people that need to present persuasively. 


Number of participants: Max 12 (can be increased with extra resource) 


Pre-work: To bring along a work presentation to use throughout the workshop 


Course overview: It can feel really daunting standing up in front of others, in fact it is often said that people fear presenting more that death! People expect a lot when they watch a presentation and it can be difficult to keep people’s attention and engagement. Our approach to presentation skills is about enlivening, inspiring and motivating the people who are in our audience for whatever reason. 


This workshop will focus on developing participant’s strengths and style in a relaxed and informal way, allowing them to practice and build their confidence. Participants will need to bring a presentation along that they want to work on including everything they would need to deliver it. Participants will learn through experience and meaningful feedback from performance facilitators who have considerable experience of performing, presenting and getting the best out of others. 


Learning outcomes: 


  • Know how to prepare effectively – understanding the why? And your core message 

  • Understand the power of three – what do you want your customers to think, feel and do 

  • Know how to craft Impactful introductions and memorable endings 

  • Understand the importance of clarity and structure 

  • Know how to develop a framework to structure information 

  • Understand nerves and how to control them 

  • Have effective communication to deliver using visuals 

  • Have effective communication through breath, voice and body posture 

  • Know how to engage an audience and hold attention 

  • How to deal with difficult situations and answer questions 

  • Have improved confidence when presenting 

  • Develop more self awareness of strengths and areas to work on 


Post workshop to embed learning: All participants will take part in an e coaching program for 6 weeks after the workshop. This will consist of on the job exercises and suggested self-directed learning to ensure maximum retention of learning

Presentation of the female boss
Presentation of the female boss

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