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Mastering Assertiveness
at Work

Workshop Title: Mastering Assertiveness at Work

Duration: 1-2 Day Workshop

Facilitators: Lead Facilitator and 2 Professional Role-Playing Actors

Target Audience: This workshop is ideal for anyone seeking to enhance their assertiveness in the workplace, including team leaders, managers, and individual contributors.

Maximum Participants: 15 (Can be increased with additional facilitators and actors)

Pre-Work: Participants are required to bring a real-life scenario from their work environment where they felt the need for assertiveness but struggled to express it.


Course Overview:
The 'Mastering Assertiveness at Work' workshop offers a dynamic and interactive environment where delegates can hone their assertiveness skills using professional actors. The workshop begins with a forum theatre presentation, depicting common workplace scenarios where assertiveness is key. Participants will engage in critiquing and reshaping these scenarios, followed by active re-enactment.

The core of the workshop involves participants navigating various workplace situations, portrayed by actors, where assertiveness is crucial. They will practice handling challenging conversations, assertive communication, and managing conflicts assertively. Participants will receive personalized feedback, practical advice, and improvement strategies, culminating in each delegate developing a tailored assertiveness action plan.

Learning Outcomes:

Enhanced Confidence and Competence: Boost confidence in being assertive in various workplace situations.
Understanding Assertiveness: Grasp the purpose and value of assertive communication in a professional setting.


Structured Approach: Learn to approach assertive conversations with a clear, structured methodology.

Effective Preparation: Strategies for preparing mentally and practically for assertive interactions.

Skill Enhancement: Improve listening, questioning, probing, and rapport-building skills in the context of assertiveness.
Differentiating Assertiveness from Aggression: Understand the fine line between assertiveness and aggression or passivity.
Unconscious Bias Awareness: Recognise and manage unconscious biases in assertive communication.

Using Models Effectively: Employ frameworks like the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) model in assertive dialogue.
Professional Assertiveness Techniques: Develop the ability to conduct assertive conversations while maintaining professionalism and respect.

Post-Workshop Embedding Learning: Membership to self directed learning material 


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