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Empathetic Leadership

Workshop title: Empathetic leadership  


Enhance leadership skills, foster trust, develop a better understanding of others and
create a motivational and empowering culture


1-day workshop: facilitator and 2 actors 


Who is it for: Leaders


Number of participants: Max 12 (can be increased with extra resource) 


Pre-work:   Recommended Preparation : Read: Part 1, Stand Out by Debra Stevens



Course overview: In today's fast-paced and rapidly evolving business landscape, the importance of empathetic leadership cannot be overstated. As you strive to drive growth, engage your teams, and build lasting success, understanding, and embracing the power of empathy can truly transform your leadership style. leaders need to inspire trust, foster collaboration, and cultivate a culture of inclusivity. By adopting empathetic leadership, you can unlock the true potential of your organization, leading to enhanced employee satisfaction, increased productivity, and ultimately, higher profitability. Our workshop will provide you with the practical tools and strategies to develop and apply empathy in your leadership approach.


Through interactive sessions led by Debra Stevens and her team,  this class will be highly experiential using a combination of discussions, demos, and forum theatre.  Debra and her actors use drama to show the different types of empathy and when they are appropriate, the impact of conscious listening and empathetic acknowledgement and how understanding the needs of the individuals you lead affects team dynamics, decision-making, and overall business outcomes


Learning outcomes: 


  • Develop one of the most important skills for the future of leadership in the workplace.

  • Develop your emotional intelligence to boost productivity, creating a healthier, more positive, and successful work atmosphere.

  • Learn good and bad practices through actor-led interactive exercises.

  • The business case for empathy and its role in the future of work.

  • Why empathy is so much more than putting yourself in the shoes of others.

  • The three different types of empathy (Cognitive, emotional, and compassionate) and when they are appropriate.

  • How to find your own authentic route to adopting empathy in your leadership style  


Youyll be able to:

  • Use your leadership style to understand how to show empathy in a way that feels sincere and authentic.

  • Use your questioning and conscious listening skills to foster understanding, trust and avoid making judgements.

  • Avoid artificial harmony and deal with conflicts empathetically and assertively.

  • Deliver feedback in a feedforward style and coach the journey towards improved performance


Post workshop to embed learning:

Recommended Follow-up

Read: Part 2, Stand Out by Debra Stevens


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