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How to Have Challenging Conversations

Workshop title: How to Have Challenging Conversations 


1-2 day workshop: Facilitator and 2 actors 


Number of participants: Max 15 (can be increased with extra resource) 


Who is it for: This workshop has been specifically designed for anyone who has difficulty with having challenging conversations or who needs to work on how they initiate constructive discussions on complex issues in the face of strong feelings whilst maintaining respect, both ways, and reaching better outcomes. 


Pre-work: Participants will be asked to bring a relevant case study of their own that they can work on throughout the workshop and it will help form the basis of this practical, bespoke session. 


Course overview: This workshop addresses a specific important business communication – handling challenging conversations. This course has a real balance of tools and skills combined with experiential learning using professional actors in relevant business situations. Participants will get feedback and coaching from all parties which will help to form an action plan following the workshop. 


During this intensive and energetic workshop, we will focus on how to turn a difficult conversation into one that is both productive and collaborative. It will help attendees have conversations that are needed and have them fairly, constructively and respectfully to address difficult issues and maintain important business relationships. 


Learning outcomes: 


  • Have an understanding of why we avoid challenging conversations 

  • Have self-awareness and self-mastery 

  • Recognise and overcome the stories we tell ourselves 

  • Know how to preparing for a challenging conversation 

  • Know how to create safety to hear and be heard 

  • Be able to managing your emotional state 

  • Have an understanding of the stages of a challenging conversation 

  • Build confidence by having the opportunity to work on your own bespoke case study 

  • Be able to use a reflective self-coaching tool 

  • Be more assertive staff and be able to address issues as they arise and prevent escalation 

  • Have improved communication 

  • Be Less passive, aggressive and passive-aggressive 

  • Have more confidence in dealing with difficult situations 

  • Be able to encourage collaboration and teamwork 


Post workshop to embed learning: All participants will take part in an e coaching program for 6 weeks after the workshop. This will consist of on the job exercises and suggested self-directed learning to ensure maximum retention of learning

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