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Change, Transformation and Apprehension

Let’s be honest, right now we probably wish we could close our eyes make a wish and wake up on a beautiful April spring day with no restrictions, children playing in the school playground and no more trying to make ourselves understood through a mask! Right now, I have never been so unsure about the year ahead and although I know there will be change and transformation, I feel nervous and anxious. I like to think of emotions as messages, something we need to listen to and try to translate, what do they mean, what can I learn. So I have been reflecting on why I feel so apprehensive and these are my thoughts, I hope they help you to make sense of how you are feeling as we enter 2021.

Change always means moving outside our comfort zone and that leads to being in the fear zone and let us not pretend, it’s not fun, maybe you are starting or looking for a new job, which means new skills, new people, and new procedures, or it could be you are having to home school again. Whatever it is, it’s totally normal to feel the fear, just try to remember the next stage is learning and then growth.

3 Ways to Move Through The Fear Zone

1) Label the Fear If we put a label on the fear so for example, it’s my lack of confidence/skills/knowledge we can then move to solutions, it becomes clearer and we can move towards taking action. 2) Seek Solutions My Nanny(grandmother) said to me when I was little “if something’s not working, try something new” This was probably one of the best gifts she ever gave me as now I know it’s one of my strengths. I don’t accept what is, unless it’s what I want, and I challenge anything that isn’t working by looking for an alternative. 3) Seek Comfort in Change The beauty with breaking through to the Growth Zone is that as we become equipped at moving through fear, and seeking solutions to barriers, our comfort zone actually EXPANDS. We become more and more comfortable with growth, and change, and ultimately transformation. And, when we’re comfortable with transformation, we have nothing holding us back from achieving our potential and can create the life we desire.

In the year 2021, people will need more opportunities to learn and grow and push through their comfort zones than ever before. As founder of Dramatic Training Solutions, I am passionate about helping people to be the best they can be and by battling my own fears and learning new skills, finding new ways to deliver experiential learning has resulted in our Live Learning Online. We have created inspiring short sessions (120 mins) to help you keep your people motivated and moving from the fear zone into the growth zone. Subjects include: Virtual presence and presenting Negotiation skills Courageous conversations for managers Communication skills Influence and persuasion Growth mindset Self-management Virtual management Running successful virtual meetings Sales

To help get you started in 2020, I am prepared to offer any of my contacts one free session (for up to 12 people) to see if its right for your teams with no strings. Just get in touch and tell me what you need and why and we will do the rest.

Happy New Year to you all! It is not going to be easy, but we will all grow as a result


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