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Influence at work Week 2: Learning from the Masters of Influence

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Influence at work

Having influence at work is so important and you should look around you, who are the influencers where you work? How do they go about it? Take note because they will be your unknowing teachers, you may notice that they’re the people who are more likely to get promoted and  using their influence at work  to move up the career ladder. This week, it’s all about the success stories of well know leaders and thinkers who practice their influence skills at work.  I’ve included three of them here, offering insights and inspiration for us all.

Simon Sinek: The Power of 'Why'

Simon Sinek is my absolute hero, for me, He’s revolutionised the way I think about work and leadership, with his simple yet brilliant question: "Why?" it makes total sense that his philosophy, that people are inspired by having a sense of purpose, shows me that having influence at work starts with a clear vision. Sinek's approach has taught me that when i communicate my  'why', it allows me to lead and inspire more effectively.

Brene Brown: Vulnerability as Strength

Brene Brown has taught us that vulnerability is not a weakness but a powerful tool for connection and influence at work. By being brave and sharing our fears and failures, we build trust and form genuine relationships. Brown's research underlines just how important empathy and vulnerability are in creating a culture of belonging and resilience.

Daniel Goleman: Emotional Intelligence

It took Daniel Goleman to uncover the true nature of emotional intelligence (EQ) and the part it plays to be a successful leader, His work shows that understanding and managing our own emotions, whilst recognising and influencing the emotions of others, are an absolutely must have skill to effectively have influence at work. Goleman’s principles of self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy, and social skills are fundamental to anyone who wants to improve their influence.

Drawing Inspiration from the Masters

So, what do these people all have in common? They all shine a light on the parts of influence at work that go beyond traditional understanding about power and authority. They show us that influence is about connecting, understanding, and really wanting to inspire and motivate by being authentic and being emotionally intelligent.

Applying Their Lessons

  • Find Your Why: Like Sinek, start with your purpose. Understanding and articulating your 'why' can guide your actions and help you inspire others.

  • Embrace Vulnerability: Following Brown’s example don't be afraid to show your humanity. It can strengthen your relationships and increase your influence at work.

  • Develop Your EQ: Take a cue from Goleman by working on your emotional intelligence. The better you understand yourself and others, the more effectively you can influence at work.


These masters of influence at work offer lessons that to the ability to; inspire and lead is in all of us. It's not about ego led authority, it’s about how we engage, understand, and motivate those around us. By applying the learning, we can all enjoy more influence at work and personally, helping bring positive change and  reaching  our professional goals.


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