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Presence and Communication

Workshop title: Presence and communication 


1-2-day workshop: 2 performance facilitators 


Who is it for: Anyone wanting to improve their presence and impact, sales people, leaders 


Number of participants: Max 12 (can be increased with extra resource) 




Learners take part in a 360-feedback survey focused on their impact and communication 


Learners complete a MBTi questionnaire on line, which will lead to them receiving a full impact report on the workshop 


Course overview: In today’s competitive world, standing out requires confidence, uniqueness and a level of impact above and beyond anything ordinary. Having a strong and positive presence can open up doors, get people to listen, pay attention, to buy, to commit and to support you, which in turn can boost your confidence, increase your chances of success and prepare you to face new challenges. 


This workshop is highly participative, immersive and practical; participants will be more aware of their strengths and will build confidence in their development areas. 


Learning outcomes: 


  • Improved self awareness and understanding using the MBTi 

  • Improved communication skills, including body language, listening, questioning and speaking 

  • Understand the best way to present yourself in a short amount of time 

  • Know how to define a personal brand and how you want others to see you 

  • Know how to craft and deliver a personal elevator pitch 

  • Know how to craft a story 

  • Be able to how to deliver a story to fully get the attention of others 

  • Be able to apply techniques to improve inner presence and increase personal impact

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Copy of Gray and Black Minimalist Business Banner.png

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