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Presenting With Impact for Architects  

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"What if the key to winning your next big project lies not in your designs, but in how you present them?"

Hi Im Debra Stevens  
Making an impact has never been more important! 
Failing to captivate your audience could be costing your practice fortunes.

Discover the secrets of impactful speaking with our expert-led Presentation Skills Workshop!

Why Should You Upskill Your Team with Presentation Skills?

Improved Sales & Client Relations
Enhanced Brand Image
Boosted Confidence
Competitive Edge

Who is it for? 

Anyone who must present and engage an audience, managers and leaders that have to motivate staff to buy in to a common goal/vision. Sales people that need presentation skills to persuasively deliver their message to prosepective customers  

workshop focus

This workshop hones participants' unique presentation skills and boosts confidence through practical, hands-on sessions. Bring a presentation for expert-led refinement and actionable insights from our seasoned facilitators

what can people expect 

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Learning outcomes 

Gain the presentation skills to craft compelling messages, structure your narrative, and deliver with confidence. Learn to captivate audiences, manage nerves, and communicate effectively with powerful visuals and presence.

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After this course, expect to deliver presentations with clarity and impact. You'll be able to prepare purposefully, structure information logically, and present with confidence. Engage any audience, handle tough questions, and leave a lasting impression with your presentation skills  message. 


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If you’d like more information why not start a converstaion ,

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Why are we the right fit for your ?

Business Actors and Facilitators
Customised Course Curriculum
27+ Years of Expertise
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Out of the Box Resources

Hear it from our particpants

"I think the course was really well made. I learned a lot of new techniques that will give me confidence presenting in the future. The presenter was really knowledgeable and the whole day felt like a short moment. He did manage to get me out of my comfort zone and look at how to present differently".

It’s time to Unleash Your Team's Potential With Our Transformative Workshops!

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"For the very first time, after 25 years, I'm opening  the door to a range of  learning and development content , where I share my expert insights to topics, including; Presentation skills, Empathetic Leadership, Developing a  Growth Mindset, Assertiveness at work and much much more , it  incudes  surveys and questionnaires and specials deals exclusive to our subscribers".

Debra Stevens Training And coaching Ltd 

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