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Presentation skills Course 

Presenation Skills For Leaders

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Advanced Presenation Skills 

Presenting With Impact 

we work with you to create the perfect workshop to meet the needs of your team 

We will work closely with you to understand the needs of your team so the workshops are customised and relevant to your industry. Courses can be 2 days 1 day or short sharp sessions what ever works best for your business. If you want a more module approach we can create a total sales program. If you are holding a sales conference why not add an element of experiential learning it with an actors simulation which challenges your sales peoples thinking. Managers are a key element to embedding successful sales training and we can also offer a sales coaching program to ensure you get maximum return on investment 

At Debra Stevens Training and coaching , we believe that the goal in sales is to go beyond transactional selling to reach for an equal partnership. To courageously let go of our own agenda and to focus on a real understanding of our customers’ goals and critical success factors. Equal partners inspire and challenge in equal measures!

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debra stevens training and coaching

Management & 


debra stevens training and coaching

Customer service


debra stevens training and coaching

Sales & Negotiation

debra stevens training and coaching

Communication &   self awareness 

debra stevens training and coaching

Personal Development

debra stevens training and coaching

Diversity &


live on line learning

The best of both worlds
Face to face and now 
Live Learning online! 

We are living in extraordinary times and the world of learning and development as we knew it has changed.

Alongside face to face workshops and e-learning products, Virtual Training Sessions have become the new normal and they are here to stay! remember? During Covid  we found a way to stay true to the values of experiential training, using actors and drama to immerse learners in powerful training sessions on sales, negotiation, leadership, communication, personal impact and diversity and inclusion. In some ways the use of actors in training lends itself to the small screen and forum theatre, talking head storytelling and real play are all the more intimate on a video conferencing platform

live o line learning for sales training, leadeship training, presentation skills training , coaching, negotiation skills training , management training , mbti training

Outstanding facilitators 

Our performance facilitators, whilst first and foremost being exceptional behavioural and executive coaches, all have a background in acting are trained to keep audiences engaged. They’ll ensure consistent two-way traffic between themselves and participants and promise to foster meaningful active interaction from participants at least every 6 minutes to keep learning going. 

Impactful content 

Our content isn’t merely a translation of face to face content but instead carefully crafted sessions that are tailored for a virtual environment. We fuse the latest learning methodologies with thought provoking and innovative learning content and techniques. We want learning to really stick. 

debra stevens training and coaching

Innovative and engaging methodology 

We fuse thought provoking learning content with a combination of breakout rooms, video content, plenary discussion, chat function, polls, Q&A’s, screen sharing and whiteboard. Alongside this are forum theatre scenarios, demos of good and bad practice, storytelling and simulations and real play opportunities with our talented team of business actors. 

Whilst like everyone else we are looking forward to meeting learners face to face again, we are on a mission to blend virtual training and face to face workshops as the new normal, not as a compromise but as a way of delivering programmes that will have a real chance of changing behaviour. 

Elevate Your Team’s Impact with Presentation Skills Courses

Transform your organisation’s communication effectiveness with our specialised presentation skills courses. At Debra Stevens Training and Coaching, we offer comprehensive training designed to enhance the presentation abilities of your team, making them more persuasive, engaging, and impactful. Our presentation skills courses are tailored for professionals across all levels, ensuring your team can confidently deliver messages that resonate.

Why Choose Our Presentation Skills Courses?

Expert-Led Training: Our courses are conducted by seasoned professionals who bring real-world experience and advanced techniques to the training sessions.

Customised Content: Each course is designed to meet the unique needs of your organisation, focusing on the specific challenges and goals of your team.

Interactive Learning: Our training includes hands-on activities and practical exercises that allow participants to apply what they learn in real-time, ensuring skills are immediately useful.

Key Courses Offered

Basic Presentation Skills Course: Perfect for beginners, this course covers the fundamentals of effective presentations, including structure, delivery, and audience engagement.


Advanced Presentation Skills Course: Designed for more experienced professionals, this course delves into advanced techniques for crafting compelling messages, using multimedia, and handling Q&A sessions effectively.


Presentation Skills for Leaders: Tailored for senior executives and leaders, this course focuses on developing powerful presentation skills that inspire and influence stakeholders.


Business Storytelling: Enhance your team’s ability to tell compelling stories that connect with audiences on an emotional level and drive business outcomes.

Benefits of Our Presentation Skills Training

Enhanced Communication: Our presentation skills courses improve your team’s ability to convey ideas clearly and persuasively, essential for internal and external communications.


Increased Confidence: Participants gain the confidence to speak in front of any audience, reducing anxiety and improving performance.


Greater Engagement: Learn techniques to engage audiences effectively, making presentations more memorable and impactful.


Improved Professional Image: Enhance the professional image of your organisation by ensuring all presentations are polished, professional, and effective.


Invest in our presentation skills courses to ensure your team can deliver presentations that make a lasting impact. At Debra Stevens Training and Coaching, we are dedicated to providing high-quality training that drives real results. Explore our range of courses today and take the first step towards transforming your team’s presentation skills.

What the learners say 

On Zoom I thought worked really well, you really made us all so comfortable with each other and it didn't feel remote. It’s funny because it’s all I know but I couldn't imagine doing this in a face to face environment it was that good!  

Geri, UK 

"Definitely among the best virtual meetings I’ve been on this year, all the more so because the energy didn’t flag across 12 hours of sessions!” 

Rob, UK 

The value of the actors was great in this session - helping us to reflect on presence, positioning, tone, speed, engagement etc. This was good stuff and I got some really helpful takeaways from that.

Dave UK 

All of our training courses can be delivered in bite sized 2-3 hour sessions for any number of participants over any given time frame and we can work to your budget, don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out more 

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