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Learn By Doing 

Stronger negotiations  

Improved customer relations 

Increased Sales 

Sales and Negotiation Skills Courses  

Increased confidence 

 Happy Customers 

Great Team Culture 

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Essential Face to Face Selling Skills 

Equip your sales team with core techniques through engaging, interactive sessions. Master effective communication, relationship-building, and closing strategies to drive business success.

Negotiation Skills 

Elevate your team's abilities with our negotiation skills training. Equip them with advanced strategies for effective negotiation and value creation. Achieve superior outcomes and strengthen business relationships through this  expert-led trainig course .

Advanced Selling skills 

Take your team to the next level with our advanced selling skills training course . Elevate their expertise with strategic selling techniques to achieve exceptional results.

Negotiation Skills Masterclass 

Step up your team's negotiating competence with our Advanced Negotiation skills training. Prepare them for higher stakes and tougher negotiations with sophisticated strategies that will add value. Achieve exceptional outcomes and build robust business relationships 

Telephone Sales Skills 

Take your team to the next level with our telephone sales training. Enhance their skills with proven techniques for effective communication, relationship-building, and closing sales over the phone. Achieve outstanding results and drive business success.

Presenting With Impact 

Transform you rteams  presentation skills with our "Presenting with Impact"  to captivate your audience, deliver compelling messages, and leave a lasting impression. they will Gain the confidence and skills needed to present with authority and influence through this dynamic workhop

we work with you to create the perfect workshop to meet the needs of your sales team


will work closely with you to understand the needs of your sales team so the workshops are customised and relevant to your industry. Courses can be 2 days 1 day or short sharp sessions what ever works best for your business. If you want a more module approach we can create a total sales program. If you are holding a sales conference why not add an element of experiential learning it with an actors simulation which challenges your sales peoples thinking. Managers are a key element to embedding successful sales training and we can also offer a sales coaching program to ensure you get maximum return on investment 

At DTS, we believe that the goal in sales is to go beyond transactional selling to reach for an equal partnership. To courageously let go of our own agenda and to focus on a real understanding of our customers’ goals and critical success factors. Equal partners inspire and challenge in equal measures!


Inclusive Team Culture

Diversity Equity and Inclusion

Management & 


Customer service


Presentation Skills


Communication &  

self awareness 

What the learners say 

On Zoom I thought worked really well, you really made us all so comfortable with each other and it didn't feel remote. It’s funny because it’s all I know but I couldn't imagine doing this in a face to face environment it was that good!  

Geri, UK 

"Definitely among the best virtual meetings I’ve been on this year, all the more so because the energy didn’t flag across 12 hours of sessions!” 

Rob, UK 

The value of the actors was great in this session - helping us to reflect on presence, positioning, tone, speed, engagement etc. This was good stuff and I got some really helpful takeaways from that.

Dave UK 

All of our training courses can be delivered in bite sized 2-3 hour sessions for any number of participants over any given time frame and we can work to your budget, don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out more 

Comprehensive Sales Training Courses for Organisations


Empower your sales team and drive your organisation’s success with our specialised sales training courses. At Debra Stevens Training and Coaching, we offer a variety of targeted training programs designed to enhance the skills and effectiveness of your sales professionals. Our sales training courses are crafted to address the specific needs of organisations, ensuring your team is equipped with the latest techniques and strategies.


Why Choose Our Sales Training Courses?

Expert-Led Sessions: Our courses are led by industry experts who bring extensive experience and practical insights, ensuring your team receives top-notch training.

Customised Training Solutions: We understand that every organisation is unique. Our sales training courses are tailored to meet the specific needs and challenges of your team, providing relevant and impactful learning experiences.

Interactive and Engaging: Our training methods include interactive activities and real-world scenarios that keep participants engaged and enable them to apply new skills immediately.

Key Courses Offered

  • Sales Training Course: Equip your team with essential sales techniques, including prospecting, relationship building, and closing deals. Our comprehensive sales training course ensures your team can drive revenue and achieve targets effectively.

  • Negotiation Skills Training Course: Enhance your team’s negotiation capabilities with our focused negotiation skills training course. Learn strategies to secure better deals, foster stronger client relationships, and navigate complex negotiations with confidence.

  • Presentation Skills Courses: Develop your team’s public speaking and presentation abilities with our presentation skills courses. Your sales professionals will learn how to deliver compelling and persuasive presentations, making a lasting impact on potential clients.

Benefits of Our Sales Training

  • Improved Sales Performance: Our sales training courses are designed to enhance the overall performance of your sales team, leading to increased revenue and business growth.

  • Enhanced Negotiation Skills: With our negotiation skills training course, your team will learn effective negotiation techniques that result in more favorable outcomes for your organisation.

  • Polished Presentation Skills: Our presentation skills courses will ensure your team can present ideas clearly and convincingly, essential for winning new business and retaining clients.


Invest in our sales training courses to develop a high-performing sales team that drives organisational success. At Debra Stevens Training and Coaching, we are committed to providing training that is not only effective but also engaging and practical. Explore our range of sales training courses today and transform your team’s capabilities.

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