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Debra Stevens 

Training Director 

Deni Francis 

Actor & Trainer

I remember the first day I started the DTS journey it was 20 years ago and I was standing outside a business that was about to change my life forever. I was extremely nervous they wanted me to demonstrate my training and then make a decision to use me or not. At this point I had just left my lovely comfortable job at Cadbury’s training their sales and merchandising people and this demo meant the difference on paying the mortgage or not, it really was that important. I was so close to bottling it and going home thinking I would look for another job but something drove me in and of course I got the job and the rest is history. I am driven by inspiring people to work on themselves, I believe that’s my purpose and even after all these years I love it. I enjoy the whole process of partnering with clients and putting together a workshop just for them, the job is creative, challenging and extremely varied. I have been privileged to travel all over the world visiting over 37 different countries working with different cultures and businesses. I feel I have learnt more from the learners and my customers than they have from me and for that I am so grateful. Working with actors is a real joy, they are creative and talented and over the years we have worked together to perfect the art of experiential workshops. Using forum theatre, consequential theatre, simulations and demonstrations we are always coming up with new exciting ways to train learners that are challenging, realistic, practical, fun and linked to our customers key objectives. As we move into an age of technology, AI and robots, soft skills such as empathy, communication and self-awareness are going to be essential to business, which means we will have an even bigger part to play in inspiring behavioural change.

I have always been interested in people. What makes them tick. Why we are who we are. The choices we make about how we behave. Training as an actor, studying Sociology and Psychology, working with martial arts and Mindfulness, have all enabled me to develop my passion for understanding myself, others, and how we, as human beings, communicate and inform my practice. With a focus on Experiential learning and a blend of techniques including management models, Storytelling and drama based techniques, I have been working as a freelance actor and facilitator in education and business for over 15 years delivering workshops on all aspects of communication from team building and management training to Storytelling for business and Presentation Skills. I believe in creating a safe, inclusive, supportive, and appropriately challenging environment to enable the learning. A space to allow individuals to explore their thoughts feelings and behaviours, to practice, make mistakes, give and receive feedback, to make choices. A space that allows for open conversations, whether it is about managing people, professional boundaries, diversity and our Unconscious bias, or how to be a leader. * Communication * Effective Management * Professional Boundaries * Team Building * Change Management * Storytelling * Presentation Skills * Leadership * Diversity and Unconscious bias


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